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Thursday, 28 April 2016

War has arrived!

War of the Never is here!

The third and final installment in the Tales of the Neverwar is now available on Amazon.

This is the end of the end. 

Tenybris is free from his prison, and the planet of Sanctuary is the first to face his hunger. His hunt for the dragon eggs begins. If he gains them, and the magic, everything will wish for death. 

In the Glade, Evil has shown its face at last. Gwenyth, the only human in the Lands, stands no chance against the power of the Darkness. How can she save the race she has come to love? 

With the fall of the Veil, the magic escapes to flood the universe, and the first stop is Earth. What can Katheryne and the others do to save her world and the rest of reality? 

Is this the end? 

War of the Never is the last book in the Tales of the Neverwar trilogy, a young adult adventure with ancient dragon battles, faerie magic, combined with alternate universe science fiction.

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

My interview with Kyleen Neuhold...a true Dr. Who fan.

Not many humans agree to being interviewed by a dragon. I have no idea why; after all I'd just had a huge lunch of my favorite roast lamb, with mint sauce and roast potatoes.

Tonight we host an awesome contemporary romance author, Kyleen Neuhold.

Claude: Do dragons scare you, and what is your favourite colour of dragon? If it helps, I’m a Welsh Green Ridgeback.
Kyleen: No dragons don't really scare me, you just have to know how to flatter them. It's common knowledge that dragons love flattery. Especially beautiful Welsh Green Ridgeback's, which are, of course, my favorite kind.

Claude: I hear you write books. Are there any dragons in them? No fantasy books are complete without dragons.
Kyleen: No dragons in my books, I actually write contemporary romance

Claude: What are these award things you humans talk about? I know a knight may have received a sword from his king, back in the day. Is it the same thing?
Kyleen: Basically the same thing. Awards are a way for humans to stroke each others egos and decide who is the best human of them all.

Claude: Tell me a little about you and your books. Humans intrigue me.
Kyleen: My books are contemporary romance novels. There is a bit of dirty fun, a lot of snarky dialogue, and many Doctor Who references.

Claude: What advice would you give to new authors? Sorry...Colin wanted me to ask this one.
Kyleen: My advice would be to try not to get too caught up in the marketing aspect. While it's important I think too many indie writers let their actual writing fall to the wayside while getting caught up in all of the social media stuff that is out there to do. Also, try to be original. People always want to write “the next [insert popular book here]” but you only really make an impact if your work stands out from others

Thank you, human.