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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I need to party, I need to party. Sorry, I'm listening to the VengaBoys greatest hits :)

Plus I'm a little squiffy.

But to all my imaginary friends, dragon, faerie and mermaids alike, I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

And all you real people as well.

I hope you've enjoyed my blog entries in 2014. Colin is threatening to take my admin rights off me soon, but he can't. I'll have him committed for talking to me :)

But for now, before I get too drunk let me say to you all...

Hiccy New Beer!

Monday, 29 December 2014

Dragon vs Iron Man

It's that time of year where you see the most curious sights while flying from one continent to another.

Only last night I received a call from my close friend who shall remain nameless, though his initials may or may not be R.D.J. He'd got into a spot of bother while going supersonic above Cuba on the way to his secret island hideout in the Caribbean.

I hear you all scoff, but ask yourself this. If an imaginary dragon(me), can write a blog, then surely a multi-millionaire playboy can have his own imaginary Iron Man suit.

But I digress. Mr. Junior, as I call him, had crash landed in the sea after being shot down for waking up Mr Castro with his sonic boom. The old guy needs his sleep so was obviously a little peeved, hence the attack. Normally Mr. Junior would have been able to activate some imaginary countermeasure on his imaginary suit, but unfortunately he was well over the drink/fly limit. In fact, before he'd been shot down he was well over the drink/crash limit.

So It was up to your truly to fish him out of the shark infested waters, though I fail to see why he was so worried. None of them had a can opener.

But all in now well. Mr. Junior is well on his way to decorating his island base for his New Years Eve party, although how his guests will ever find his SECRET hideaway I'll never know.

I don't know, sometimes you humans can be so 'weird'.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Oh my head

I need my bed.

I've just spent two days listening to Colin's family celebrate this day.

Well I say listening. I was actually having a few drinks with friends around the world. Drunk while flying is fine as long as the cops can't catch you lol.

But now I have an almighty case of dragon lag(It's like jet lag, only faster)

And to top it all off, Colin had a load of book sales.

Souls of the Never is apparently selling really well. So I came back to a messy head.

Ah well. I don't care. I'll clean it tomorrow.

I need my bed.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mermaids or Dragons?

I may have to give up my pursuit of the mermaids off the coast of Perth. My appearance on their news last week, while censored by their government and press, has given Colin a nervous twitch.

He hasn't been able to write in the last two days - just between you and me I think that's a good thing. Awful books. Full of love and kissing. Yuk. Fair enough, there's magic and dragons in Origins of the Never. And dragons are returning in Worlds of the Never. But Souls of the Never? Kissing, hugging, soulmates...Yuk!

And no sheep! Can you imagine a book with no sheep?

But I digress...I have recently met a curious dragon who has been hiding in Florida, of all places. She intrigues me. She's an enigma I must solve. Unlike the fickle mermaids, she has a deep personality. I have to admit I am drawn to her.

In fact I have done something I never thought I'd do. The plump sheep I had selected for my Christmas dinner is now wrapped and dressed for delivery on Christmas eve.

So if you look up in the sky in south Florida on the eve of the big day, you might just see me delivering it. Don't mistake me for the big red guy.

Remember, you are still crunchy, and taste good with ketchup.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Stop that right now

I don't know, some people just won't be told. Last nights post about silence and peacefulness obviously fell on deaf ears, because no sooner had I fallen asleep and started dreaming of sheep than you people started buying those bloomin books of his again.

I've just spent the morning clearing up the mess caused by Colin's expanding head...again. That's it! You wanna see an angry dragon? Go on, buy his book. I dare ya!

Origins of the Never

Souls of the Never

Monday, 15 December 2014

Snicker-that's a laugh to all you uncultured, undragonly people

Ahh, tonight I'm happy.

For the first time in months Colin's head hasn't expanded. No reviews. Just pure blessed silence.

I'm sitting with my claws up, relaxing with a wee glass.

Ahhhh :)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

My head, my rules

Hmmm, apparently Colin has just bought dragons back to life in the second book of his Tales of the Neverwar series.

Can I just state for the record that there is no room at the inn(sorry so the seasonal reference). I've become comfortable here in Colin's head, and except for the occasional head swell when he gets a review I remain undisturbed.

But now these other dragons are on the scene I'm worried I may be evicted from my home. I have heard one of them is a gold. Oh my god, they are so up themselves. He'd take one look at my cave and covet it immediately.

So can I ask all my many fans to never buy another of his books. Give him terrible reviews. Maybe he'll stop writing and I'll be able to grow old peacefully inside his brain. Lets nip this talk of new dragons in the bud, shall we?

Now, c'mon, who's with me?

Mischief while unsupervised

Ha! It's Sunday afternoon and Colin's doing his normal. Sitting at his desk, typing away writing his silly little book.

Now what say I have some fun, eh?

I've heard about a little fire down in Australia. Just imagine how annoyed Colin would be if I managed to photo bomb the morning news :)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Time for a snack, I think

So what's everyone's favourite drunk snack? I'm currently sitting with a bottle of Fireball whisky which an Australian friend recommended.

I have to get it via mail order as I'm banned from overflying the land mass of the continent during the summer months. Something about bush fires...Hmph, as is a dragon would ever be careless with their flame. I can imagine a couple of  pen pushing Australian bureaucrats roasting on a spit as soon as the weather turns :)

My guilty pleasure is New Zealand lamb chops, burnt to a crisp over a slow flame. It can be tricky, and most dragons haven't mastered the art of slow burning, preferring to blast cook their food. I have to admit in my younger days I did the same.

But now I've settled in a human's brain I've come to appreciate the pleasure that patience can provide.

And they go together with my mint glaze recipe perfectly.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Oh God, here goes the head again :(

Someone has just given Origins of the Never a review. I'm told it's a really good one so at the moment I'm trying to catch all my Christmas decorations. They are all falling down as Colin's head expands. I really wish you people would stop doing this.

I suppose you want to know what it says as well don't you? Well, it's against my better judgement but here you are:

4.0 out of 5 stars A neat prequel December 9, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is a really neat prequel for Souls of the Never and I enjoyed it. It forms a great background for the first in the series and is a steady, fascinating read. It’s well written and holds the reader’s attention easily. I love the imagery of a world protected from ambition and greed by a special kind of magic and especially appreciated the way the author wrapped the elements of good and evil together in a finely woven ribbon of destruction. It was different from the usual integral bad character making everyone’s life a misery and concentrated more on a latent hidden evil that works its way into a decent man’s character through emotional hurt. That’s what real life is like and it resonated with me.

In future can you all read this disclaimer

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tales of the Neverwar: For all who like books and love dragons. Especiall...

Tales of the Neverwar: For all who like books and love dragons. Especiall...: Never let it be said that I'm a grumpy dragon. And the rumours being circulated by certain people that I don't like books are comple...

For all who like books and love dragons. Especially me.

Never let it be said that I'm a grumpy dragon. And the rumours being circulated by certain people that I don't like books are completely untrue. I love books. Granted, most of the books I love are food related.

 I do, however, like to sit in Colin's head of an evening with a nice novel. Not one of his, you understand. I read and reviewed Origins of the Never and gave it five stars. For over a week I had to live with the echo when his head expanded.

So no, I'll not be doing that again, and if I could ask a favour, it would be for no one else to either. I like my little corner of cranium just the way it is now, thank you very much.

I've put a picture up for all my many fans. Fortunately my head doesn't grow, so feel free to compliment me at your leisure.

Ps, the young dragon is my niece. She likes HIS books too. She'll thankfully grow out of it.

Claude at Chrstmas

Claude is getting into the festive spirit. As s gesture of goodwill he is offering discounts on his turkey roasting service to everyone who subscribes to this blog.

Ha! Colin though he'd be able to catch me sleeping and do a shameless promo for Origins of the Never. I don't care if it does have dragons and magic in it. I don't care if it ell the story of the fall of a being of light into darkness.And I definitely don't care if it's the prequel to Souls of the Never and it's free on Amazon and Smashwords.

No, this blog is mine, and if you don't mind I have some serious sleeping to do. I had a late night with a dragoness. She was quite demanding, if you know what I mean ;)

Monday, 8 December 2014

'It' hunting

I have to find 'it'. I've just been set a challenge. 'It' is here somewhere. Where are you, 'it'?

New dragons

Hmm...I've just read the post below. I know I said no book stuff here, but apparently there are dragons in them. I make have to reconsider my earlier decision.

But only if Colin agrees to call this new dragon chieftain after me. Well?

Profile picture

I refuse to post until the picture of your darling children is removed and one of my magnificence is put in its place..,What? That's already been done? Hmph, well I should think so too. I do love your children, Colin, but I have a reputation to protect. Why are you laughing? Stop that!

Well, now that we're FINALLY ready <gives inside of Colin's head a hard stare>, then we can get down to work.

My name is Claude, and as you can see from MY profile picture, I am a dragon. And not just any old dragon. I'm a Welsh Green Ridgeback, the most refined of all dragon kind. Forget all those pompous golds and silvers, and frankly, stay away from blacks at all costs. No, we Greens have the greatest reputation for manners and taste among my race...WOULD YOU STOP LAUGHING, COLIN!

Now, where was I? Well, now I'm in charge things are going to change around here. No more of this silly book talk. I intend to share my life experiences, my cultured views and my many recipes for lamb and mutton. There are literally thousands of ways to skin a sheep, did you know that? And as for cooking, well did you know how versatile dragon flame is? I bet not.

But that's enough from me now. I have a pressing engagement with a mermaid off the coast of Perth, Australia and I can't be late. That would be rude.

Farewell my friends :)


Technical issues


sorry but it's taken me a while longer to get Claude set up to run this blog. He really should have told me, but apparently he can't type(it's the claws).

But we've sorted the problem by using a well known voice to text converter. I won't name it here in case of copyright infringement, but let's just say that Claude's a dragon, and he's speaking into it ;)

So, over to you, Claude...what's that? You're shy? <palms face>

Ok. We have a shy dragon, who's in charge of a blog. What can go wrong?

Sunday, 7 December 2014


I'm thinking of delegating the admin of this blog to a friend of mine called Claude.

He's the dragon who lives in my head.

He's Welsh and has a penchant for sheep. Normally with mint sauce.

Over you to, Claude

Worlds of the Never

Today I broke the 20k word barrier. I've been trying to get here for ages and I've rewritten the beginning about five times now, but now I'm back on course.

Dragons are back. I killed them all off in Origins of the Never, and I've been struggling to figure out a way to bring them back. I hope you like the way they return, and who becomes the new Dragon Chief. It's bittersweet, but I think it fits.

Anyway, this is a new experience for me. Blogging is apparently addictive so you may see a few posts :)