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What is the Never?

I suppose I should start by explaining what the Never actually is. It's central to the history of the Neverwar after all.

Simply speaking, the Never is the void between worlds. It’s more than simply outer space however. While space is vast it’s nothing compared to the Never as it only exists in one dimension of space and time.

The Never is, everything…all of space, time and reality combined. It’s the fabric that joins the universe together, and it’s the the fastest method to travel to anywhere in space or time, or indeed across the endless realities that are created by the different choices made by beings every minute of every day.

The Never is almost impossible to navigate. Some races have managed to develop far enough along the technological ladder to be able to break through the barrier between normal space into the Never, but the number that have found a method of navigation through the chaotic threads of choice and happenstance is extremely limited.

The Walkers however, by virtue of their planet Sanctuary lying at the core of the Never, where all paths begin and end ,could effortlessly create portals to any world they desired. Sanctuary became the center for all commerce in the universe.

It was through his friendship with the Walkers that the great Olumé, the personification of magic in his Lands, was able to use his arts to abolish need and suffering across the realms.

But this also made Sanctuary a prime target as the enemy, Tenybris, rose to power on Olumé’s own home world. If Sanctuary fell to the dark forces then it would allow them free travel to anywhere in all the dimensions, where they would be free to lay waste to worlds and purge the universe of all life.

And so Olumé and the Walkers hid Sanctuary from the enemy. Tenybris would have to find another method of travel through the Never.

The story starts thousands of years after this point.Everything is connected, but to find out how you will have to read the book…sorry bout that ;)