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The Books

Set thousands of years before the Tales of the Neverwar, an epic fantasy through space, time, and reality. 
Teralia. A world of light and beauty, holding the core of magic that infuses the universe. 
Here, two friends, who are closer than brothers, are destined to become the mightiest among the immortal Elven race. 
One will fall, ensnared by an ancient evil thought destroyed eons ago. 
The other will face a desperate choice to save a doomed world. 
Ultimately, only one can prevail. 

Free Science Fiction and Fantasy, Origins of the Never is perfect for dragon lovers everywhere.YA series about an awakening evil and the battle to save all reality.

Katheryne thinks she's just a normal 20-year-old, until her dreams descend into terror and pain. 
At the edge of the universe, an ancient evil awakens. It wants our world; and she is the gateway. 
As the dreams become reality, Katheryne is pitched into a battle that has raged for thousands of years. The fate of all reality rests in her hands, but the enemy has discovered her. 
Will Derren, an elite warrior from another time and space, find her in time to save her? 

This is Book One in Tales of the Neverwar. An epic adventure through time, space and alternate realities. Suitable for the Young Adult audience.

On Teralia, where magic has hidden for thousands of years, the Darkness arises to challenge the Veil spell. The barrier is weakening. 
Magic is returning to the universe. 
Only an outsider can prevent the destruction of the Glade and the people she loves. 

On Sanctuary, the supporters of Tenybris have taken control. The universe teeters on the brink of all out war. 

Standing against them are Katheryne, the Foundation, prophesied to rid the universe of Tenybris forever, and Derren, the other half of her soul. Along with a small band of extraordinary friends, they need to raise an alliance against Sanctuary, but incur terrible losses along the way. 

Unseen, the Beast plots the release of its Master. But Tenybris's freedom is not enough to sate the monster's depravity, as it sets out to corrupt and destroy whatever, and whoever it can. 

This is the beginning of the end. Who will remain standing?