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Sunday, 29 March 2015

A nice surprise

Imagine my surprise when Colin awoke this morning to find we'd been nominated for something called a Liebster award. I had no idea what this was, but Colin was good enough to look it up on that webby thing you humans use so much. I had no idea spiders were so knowledgeable.

Anyway, this award is for new bloggers, and is a method to introduce them to the wider blogging community. I would like to thank my good friend and mentor, KT Bowes, who writes the Bowes Library Corner blog. She also a very talented author, with several best sellers under her belt.

She has requested that I answer some questions she has posted, though why anyone might want to know a dragon's viewpoint on them I don't know. But here goes.

1. What time of the day do you blog?

Normally in the evening, after Colin's kids go to bed. I love his children, almost as much as he does, and I wouldn't dream of dragging his attention away from their bickering. It amuses me.

2. What's the most controversial thing you've ever blogged about?

Hmm, I don't think I've posted anything controversial...yet. I must get my thinking cap on. Nothing like a little controversy to drum up some publicity.

3. What's the one thing you've blogged and then wished you hadn't?

I'm a dragon, and as such have a very logical mind. I've also been around for the last few centuries. I seldom make decisions I regret, except when it involves going out with Demelza Carleton's mermaids and drinking Fireball whiskey all night. Oh my head the next day! Dragons don't do anything in a small way, so my hangover was huge.

4. Who is your favourite blogger?

I have an eclectic taste, so I enjoy a wide range of blogs. My favourite would be a tie between Kate's and Heather Osborne's blog.

5. Do you find that blogging as Claude makes you braver in the things you say?

See picture below

6. What is the vision for your blog?

I would like to educate the world about dragons. There have been some absolutely horrid portrayals over the years. 

7. What is your favourite blog topic?

Isn't that obvious? Me, of course!

8. Did you start with a particular blog style in mind or has it evolved over time?

Colin had this silly idea that he'd like to write it. I know I post the occasional link to his books, but I feel a dragon's input is far superior to you humans...no offence.

9. Potato chips or chocolate (Colin, Not Claude!)

Colin says Tayto cheese and onion. Give me roast lamb with mint sauce any day.

10. Who is your personal idol and would you want them to read your blog?

I as a dragon don't have many idols. Colin, however, enthuses about several authors he loves. Doug Danridge is one, and yes, I think Colin would love Doug to read this.

11. Would you ever take a blog post down if it caused offence, or would you leave it up there for posterity?

See question 5

I would like to finish off by nominating my good friend Heather Osborne for a  Liebster award. As a dragon, I have no idea what questions to ask, but Colin has given the list below:

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Is it important to connect to your audience?
3. Who would be your dream reader and commenter on one of your blog posts?
4. When you are rich and famous, will you remember your lowly author friends?
5. Do you get a buzz out of helping others out?
6. Red or white? You know what I mean ;)
7. Do you tend to blog on one subject or spread things out?
8. How long have you been blogging, and do you expect to keep it up?

Anyway, that's it for me. I will leave with thanks to Kate once more.


Friday, 27 March 2015

A slight delay

I'm sorry to report a slight delay in the release of Colin's new book, Worlds of the Never, book two of his Tales of the Neverwar series.

Thankfully, it's only a short delay. The new release date is 26th April. It's available to pre-order via the link above. Chapter One is included as a bonus at the end of book one in the series, Souls of the Never 

Monday, 23 March 2015

A long overdue introduction

Greetings Humans,

It's been drawn to my attention that none of you know who I actually am. I'd like to correct that.

My name is Claude, and I'm a dragon. Granted, I'm a purely imaginary dragon who, for the time being at least, lives in Colin's head.

Now, being an imaginary dragon is a lot different from being a real dragon. Real dragons, well, they can be a bit dangerous. I know, I've featured in several epic novels where the authors have made me do some quite terrible things. And the motion pictures...urgh..enough to scare the children I love so much.

Fortunately, I've been portrayed in a much better light in in several other books. A certain American-Irish author, who shall remain nameless, did a wonderful job in her books.

Now, however, I seem to have found a nice comfortable head to rest in for a while. Colin writes books, and yes, I have been critical of them, if you read further down. The thing is, I like his head. His dragons are noble creatures, like myself, and being inside his head as I am, I can see what's coming. I may be here for a while.His ideas are...interesting.

Yes, I've complained about his head swelling when people buy his books, but it doesn't really get too big. Colin knows he's only just started on his journey, so he has his moment, and then my fine china tea cups are safe for another day.

I suppose what I'm saying is that I will be around for a while, posting gibberish about things that may or may not interest you humans at all. I will, however, attempt to include subjects to entertain you.

I will warn you, my sense of humour is not for all, so please read the notice below.

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Tonight, Colin got some bad news.

He works in something called IT, in a factory, whatever that is. The thing is, being the dragon who lives in his head, I get to know and feel how much he enjoys the interaction between himself and the other squishies...sorry, humans.

It's like a big family, with him as a dysfunctional little brother, running around after them while they break those computer things.

One of his friends, however, decided earlier today that she didn't want to continue on this plane of existence, so she took her own life.

Colin is sad, inconsolable in fact. I feel for him.

So...To Gail Fitzpatrick, we loved and liked you. We will all miss you :(

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Oh, I do like this!

I must say, I don't often compliment Colin, but in this case he's done a very good job. His new cover for Origins of the Never manages to capture my magnificence very well.

Nice work, Colin.

PS, it's still free on Amazon, whatever that is.

Thursday, 19 March 2015


How 'til speak Ulster

Greeting humans,

as you may know, I have been around for a long time. I have see the rise and fall of empires throughout the centuries, and I remember the dialects of them all. Latin, Pictish, even Elvish(yes, they were real too).

Which brings me to the subject in the title. Ulster is a land that straddles the top part of the Emerald Isle of Ireland, encompassing Donegal and the counties of Northern Ireland. Across this small area there is a huge variation in local speech, but it's only when I came to Belfast that I was truly stumped.

For months, I had no idea what people here were saying, until Colin very kindly suggested the translation program below.

All I can say is, thank goodness he didn't stick completely true to the local dialect, when writing his books. He'd do very well as a novelty book, but I doubt most of the English speaking world would understand a word.

If you don't believer me, listen to the link.

This just about sums up my day so far.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Please stop!

Ok, here's how it goes.

I'm a dragon. I'm big, scary and breathe fire, even though it gives me heartburn.

I will ask you lot once, then I'm gonna come round, and never mind the big, bad wolf... I WILL burn your house down.

STOP buying Colin's books! I'm not even halfway through packing. I know all about his release next month. I thought I had time, but now you're all buying...oh, sorry, apparently the correct term is 'downloading,' his free prequel.

Here's the rub. I like the book. It has dragons! It even has Greens, though, as it's set thousands of years ago, I doubt they're Welsh.

Apparently it's also free, whatever that means. I normally just take what I want. Being a dragon, I can do that, but you squishies can't, obviously.

But please, give me a chance to pack. My portraits of Atlantean architecture won't even hang straight. Don't swell his head any more, I beg you.

Take pity on me, and I won't turn your houses to ash...deal?

Who doesn't love a little Horror?

It seems I have neglected a large number of you fleshy beings.

For some reason you have a need to read material that scares you. You are very odd people, do you realise that?

Anyway, while I don't understand it, I can cater to your needs. Behold a magnificent collection which will scare you out of your pink skins.

Authors' Cave eZine

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A Science Fiction bonanza

I love a bit of sci-fi, whether it's a space opera romp, or pure, hard physics, I often lose myself within the pages of some of the greats like David Weber or Doug Dandridge.

So, imagine my delight when Colin's little group of human friends put this collection of sci-fi novels together, within this eZine (between you and I, I had to look up what and eZine was).

Authors Cave Science Fiction eZine

Friday, 13 March 2015

Battening down the hatches

Hello humans, especially you females.

I would dearly love to stay and entertain your fantasies about how we might...enjoy, each other's company. Unfortunately I have some pressing business.

I need to move out of Colin's head.

Don't panic! It's a temporary measure, just until he realises that his latest attempt to take the book world by storm is destined to failure.

He has another silly little book coming out at the end of March. Ok, Worlds of the Never looks good on paper(pardon the pun), and has dragons and magic re entering this mundane universe of yours, but are there any Welsh Greens? No, there aren't! He satisfies the masses needs, by writing about the pompous Golds and Silvers.

So, I have to vacate for a few weeks, taking my fine Ming dynasty china with me. Otherwise his swelling head will destroy the lot. I hope you enjoy it. I know I won't. Although New Zealand is lovely this time of year.

I wonder if Peter Jackson is still there? I need to talk to him about his portrayal of dragon behaviour. You humans get it so wrong sometimes

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A little gift for you

We've been thinking, this human host and I, and we think we need to spread the word.

I mean, who doesn't want to know what goes on in an imaginary dragon's head?

To that end we have decided to run a little competition. Each subscriber to this blog will be entered into a draw to become a character in Colin's next book...though why you'd want to I don't know.

I will of course be accepting bribes of various sorts, from those of you who want to avoid the embarrassment of appearing  in a book about classic fantasy dragons. My word, the books have it so wrong.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Well, if I must!

If it were just for Colin's benefit I wouldn't entertain this foolish notion, but I can't penalise his friends for having poor taste.

And there is the fact that I do enjoy a good fantasy book. I must say that Colin has some gifted friends. There aren't nearly enough dragons in these books, but the imaginary worlds are enough to make an imaginary dragon homesick.

Being stuck inside Colin's head might be warm and cosy, and his imagination takes me all over the place, but I miss the Faerie realms where I grew up.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Happy Female day, from Claude the imaginary dragon

Hello humans,

   It's come to my attention that today is World Woman's day. I'm not quite sure what this is so I asked Colin. He was his normal belligerent self(only sold a few books today, hence why my china is intact), but he did recommend something which might interest the ladies out there.

  It's a collection of romance novels. I must say I'm not a great reader of human literature, but these are actually quite good. It pains me to say this, but in this case, Colin is right.

  Happy Female day to all you humans!

Author's cave Romance eZine