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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Another awesome five star review for Souls of the Never!

In Origins of the Never, friends Olumé and Tenybris seemed like two mischievous, fun-loving boys. Appearances were deceiving. Olumé manipulated magic, while Tenybris grew more skilled at using magic to get what he wants.

Now, in Souls of the Never, the boundaries between dreams and reality merge and blur. In a world filled with fantasy, scifi, romance, and time travel, with dragons, elves and faeries, the characters grapple with issues like bullying, friendship, and deciding what’s wrong and right.

C. J. Rutherford's Souls of the Never is a wonderful book. In the story geared toward young adults and teens but suitable for all ages, Mr. Rutherford deftly moves the reader back and forth through time. The chapter graphics are lovely.

Origins of the Never: A prequel to Souls of the Never serves as short introduction to Souls of the Never. The tale weaves complexities of emotions, surrounding them with magic.