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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Today's Daily Dragon is...Patricia Rose, author of the excellent Iron Mike.

My human has just finished reading this wonderful book. Except for the absence of dragons, it's otherwise perfect. I've decided to share the words he wrote about it.

I don’t often get book hangovers, but right now I’m suffering from the worst one ever. For those of you who don’t know what a book hangover is, it’s when you’ve just finished a book that drew you in so much that the outside world just disappeared. 
Iron Mike is such a book. I lost control of my will after the first few pages. I couldn’t stop reading, as this end of the world epic grabbed me by the heart strings, and dragged me through a tale that had me laughing one minute, and crying the next. And there were plenty of both, believe me.
The main character is a young man called Mike, who survives the initial alien attack along with his kid sister, Jenny. How Mike becomes ‘Iron’ Mike is a story in itself, and brilliantly executed. It’s up to him to get his sister to safety, but along the way he picks up a few stragglers, desperate survivors who you will grow to care for deeply.
Patricia’s character development is wonderful, and she carries out ‘show, not tell’ effortlessly. I can’t believe this is her first book. 
The story is fast paced and exquisitely imaginative. You will live this book through the eyes of some of the most loveable side characters I’ve ever met, and yes, it felt like I knew them all, so much so I broke down in tears quite a few times.
Along the way there are strokes of genius where Earth history is subtly brought into play, and some of the humour had me laughing out loud. I did actually snort coffee down my nose at one point.
The enemy is brilliant portrayed. The main monsters are quite horrific, but the alien master race will surprise you. I won’t spoil it for you.
A love story comes in about halfway through though it’s obvious it would happen from the start. It’s a wonderful relationship, a light part among the dark of the post apocalyptic world.
Oh, then there’s Hershey, the most loveable and funny character I have ever met. Again, I won’t spoil it for you, but be prepared to smile a lot as you read his parts. I defy you not to.
Now for my rating, and you’ll probably know I’m giving it a five. If I could give it more I wouldn’t hesitate. This has been an absolute joy to read, and I feel privileged to have been asked to read it in exchange for this completely honest and heartfelt review.
One of the best books I have EVER read!