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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Tonight I listened to CJ Rutherford and Katie Welburn bring the dragons back into the universe. I must say, these audio book things are a great idea. Now, if I could only get a pair of earphones to fit. Oh, the trials we dragon kind face.
I have been asked to say that the ebook(whatever that is), is free with kindling wood...oh, sorry. Kindle Unlimited. I'm not sure what makes the least sense. Giving a book away with fuel to light fires, of giving a book away with a Kindley thing.
But I digress. Wonderful job so far. Oh, and the prequel and book one are already available...hold on while I get my reading glasses on. CJ left me a note. Oh, he has codes for free downloads. Well I never. Codes for free downloads. I'm so excited. 
Hmm, perhaps my nephew Cedric can tell me what they are.