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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Tonight I listened to CJ Rutherford and Katie Welburn bring the dragons back into the universe. I must say, these audio book things are a great idea. Now, if I could only get a pair of earphones to fit. Oh, the trials we dragon kind face.
I have been asked to say that the ebook(whatever that is), is free with kindling wood...oh, sorry. Kindle Unlimited. I'm not sure what makes the least sense. Giving a book away with fuel to light fires, of giving a book away with a Kindley thing.
But I digress. Wonderful job so far. Oh, and the prequel and book one are already available...hold on while I get my reading glasses on. CJ left me a note. Oh, he has codes for free downloads. Well I never. Codes for free downloads. I'm so excited. 
Hmm, perhaps my nephew Cedric can tell me what they are.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

The first ever imaginary dragon giveaway

A while ago, my human took part in a Halloween giveaway called Dark Dreams. One of his prizes was an imaginary dragon, so who does he come to? None other than his very own imaginary friend.

The winner, Niki, requested a male dragon, so I I wracked my brains and called round the family.
A distant cousin, Zjann, expressed his interest. He hasn't inhabited a human's mind since the Great Saladin during your little conflict in the Middle East a few years back, so wanted a refreshing change.
I doubt this human is quite so violent, so I think it's a good match.

He's still quite young as you can tell, a mere seven centuries of age.
Niki, enjoy your new imaginary friend.