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Monday, 30 May 2016

An interview with a dragon book author, by Claude the Imaginary Dragon.

Today we are privileged to host the amazing author,  Vincent Trigili. Click the banner above to visit his website.
Who better to interview an author of books with dragons than our very own imaginary dragon, Claude. 
Over to you, dragon.

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The interview.

Thank you, CJ; and welcome, Vincent.

Claude: Do dragons scare you, and what is your favourite colour of dragon? If it helps, I’m a Welsh Green Ridgeback.
Vincent: As we all know, black dragons are the sleekest and fastest of all of dragon kind. They rule the night and the sky. None can match them in the domain of air. Sure the dragons that live by the sea might be able to hold their own in the water, and the vision casting dragons of the north may have an unfair edge, but none of them can hold a candle to the raw speed and maneuverability of the black dragons.

Claude: I hear you write books. Are there any dragons in them? No fantasy books are complete without dragons.
Vincent: I do not write fantasy. I am recording the history of Ferrin for all to know. I am currently working on the beginning of the second era of dragons, and the rise of Lyrroth the Younger as King of Dragons.  Lyrroth and his mate Sneachta fought back the darkness and I would not have their story forgotten. No, my fiery friend, I am a historian of the order of Storymasters. We are sworn to make sure the world never again forgets the sacrifice of those that made today possible. Never again!

Claude: What are these award things you humans talk about? I know a knight may have received a sword from his king, back in the day. Is it the same thing?
Vincent: Whether it is winning a sporting event, or flying a kite, humans always seek to go farther, faster, and better than those that came before them. They have an insatiable curiosity and drive. They boldly go where even angels fear to tread. In this never ending quest to be the biggest and fastest they encourage each other through the giving of awards. Sometimes it is a reward of money, other times it is a title, but most often it is a simple plaque or statue. What the award is matters not, what it symbolizes is all that matters. Awards symbolize that the human receiving it went a bit higher, dug a bit deeper, and accomplished a bit more than the others around him, and that is what motivates the hearts of humans.  

Claude:Tell me a little about you and your books. Humans intrigue me.
Vincent: As I said, they are a telling of history of the world of Ferrin and the second era of dragons. The books follow the lives of various heroes that lived in those days. The mighty Lyrroth and his mate Sneachta are at the heart of it, but many others played a roll, such as the mild Farehollow, mistress of rocks and who could forget Rthyin the white who lead the charge at Palinor?  There is much yet to be researched. Many more scrolls to be uncovered. My fellow storymasters and I are hard at work digging up their stories. May the Maker and the Great Dragon forever be praised we have found many scrolls. It will take years, perhaps decades to translate and transcribe all of them. 

Claude: What advice would you give to new authors? Sorry...Colin wanted me to ask this one.
Vincent: Well, as you no doubt have heard of me, I am sure you have heard my most quotable advice. “Persistence over skill, every time.” Simply point keep your eyes on the long term and let the near term fall aside. Writing, or any art is about the slow burn. Even the vast majority of the so called “overnight successes” spent years building before they broke out. It is best to think of writing as a marathon, and not as a sprint. 
Second, read, a lot. Read in your genre, and out of it. Are you weak with a certain aspect of writing? Find masters in that area, and read their works. Unsure how to handled certain topics? Study them. There is an old saying “Writers, write,” and that is true, but writers also read.
Finally, write. Do not wait for the muse, write. Do not wait for the perfect environmental conditions, write. Do not worry if you have to throw everything away and start over, write.  

Thank you, human. I have enjoyed this intensely. I look forward to progressing with your series. CJ shall link your books below. I have no clue what that means.

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