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Saturday, 10 September 2016

New covers and blurbs

Greetings, humans.

Claude, your very own imaginary dragon here, with some exciting news.

Two of CJ Rutherford's books have new covers and blurbs.

Origins of the Never is the free prequel to the Tales of the Neverwar.

Imagine if you can, you tiny mortal, a world of peace and plenty, a world where magic weaves its web throughout all reality, banishing conflict, sickness, and hunger. A world where the races live in perfect peace and harmony, and the forces of Light prevail. 
But know this; the brightest light creates the deepest shadow, and within, the ancient enemy stirs, its slumber interrupted by the spark of jealousy. Evil enters an innocent heart, causing a downward spiral into corruption. A single being, Tenybris, falls from the light, and becomes the greatest threat to life in the history of the universe. As this world, and the font of magic it holds turns to darkness, the great one, Olumé faces a desperate choice. Make the ultimate sacrifice, or allow Tenybris to devour all life, everywhere. 
Could you decide between life and death...or something infinitely worse? 
Origins of the Never is the free prequel to the Tales of the Neverwar. Set thousands of years before the series, read how darkness rises and dragons die, and how magic is banished from the realms. 

Dreams can't kill you, can they? 
Katheryne just wants a normal life, but every time she shuts her eyes, her dreams threaten to rip her apart. As her nightmares become reality, she realizes something evil wants our world, and it’s coming through her to get it. 
Against her will, Katheryne is catapulted into a battle that has raged for millennia, and the fate of her world, and countless others, lies in her hands. 
Can she free the magic from its prison, and use it to defeat the rising darkness? Pray that she can, because if she fails, we are all lost. 
Souls of the Never is book one of the Tales of the Neverwar, a YA Urban Fantasy series, with elements of scifi, high fantasy, and romance.