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Friday, 18 August 2017

So, do we all agree Trump is an idiot?

So, apparently twump is attacking any Republican who mentions him by name in a critical manner.
In another twist, Republicans have now decided to use 'code words' to identify twump, so as to not attract his ire. Unfortunately, twump's lawyers are way ahead of them and have demanded all social media sites hand over details of any user that mentions the following.
Trump is a prick.
Twump is a twonk.
45 is not the answer to the question of the life, the universe, and everything.
Trumplethinskin is...well, I'll let you think about this one.
That orange jerk in the White House.
Piss-stained orange snowflake...my personal favourite.
The list is long, and frankly, undistinguished, but twump's lawyers are confident that they can figure out a way to tell the Tangoman that he's won, while paying off anyone who actually grants him time of day to get annoyed.