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Saturday, 2 June 2018

What is the Neverwar?

The Neverwar is, and always has been, the battle between Light and Darkness. 

Legend says that the Great Maker created the world of Sanctuary at the end of the first age, when all reality was consumed by the gods themselves during the Chaos Wars.

The legend goes on to tell how that at the end of the war, only two beings remained. The Great Maker, and the Great Destroyer. The Light and the Darkness. The final battle took place on the single surviving world of Teralia, the source of the magic that had been the cause of the war between the gods in the first place.

Light prevailed, but at great cost. While Darkness was defeated it was not destroyed, so Light used the last of its consciousness to create Sanctuary, and set into motion the creation of the Never. Over the ages, the realities were reborn, while the Darkness remained imprisoned on Teralia.

But come on, let's face it, the Darkness was never going to give up, was it?

To answer this question, I need to ask another. What is the Never?
Well, the Never is...complex.

No, no. Much more complex than this. This is like comparing a child's drawing to a 3D sculpture. No, the Never is everything. All of the reality we are in right now, plus all the other infinite realities possible.

I based it loosely on the 'multiverse' theory being bandied about, that each decision we make results in a fracture of the timeline to create another universe...and that's sort of what it is.

For instance, one day you choose to wear red instead of blue, and someone who loves the color red notices you as you cross the road. You talk, end up getting married, perhaps, but end up breaking up because 'something' isn't right. The path created by the red/blue choice then blends back into another reality in later life. 

You might divorce the guy wearing the red matching tie, and meet the guy you'd passed on a crossing wearing the blue. The Never draws love to love.

But it's not that simple. Ha! Told you it was tricky ;)

In the Never, time can flow differently in one thread of reality from another, so time travel 'is' possible, though frowned upon. 

There is one constant. The world of Sanctuary, a planet that sits at the center of the Never. All paths begin and end here, and its inhabitants, known as The Walkers, are the only beings capable of navigating the myriad threads of the Never. Sanctuary is a hub of trade and commerce, but by its very nature a terrible danger. What if you ran into a past or future version of yourself while visiting? Might be fun, right? What if you told your past self not to take a certain job offer in your own past. You hated that job. Telling him not to take it might be a good idea, right?

Then you get back to your own reality and find the wife and children you loved have never existed. Well, the woman probably does, somewhere, but your kids were never born because you'd met her at the place of work you'd told your past self to avoid.

Thankfully, this is the sort of thing the Walkers are good at. Sanctuary is so vast, and the artificial intelligence of the computer network so efficient, that this will never happen.

It's like one huge, mammoth, vast, bigly...struggling to come up with more lol...well-oiled machine. 
Unfortunately the same can't be said for events that happen outside.

This is where the Neverwar is fought. 

Beside the Walkers, who might be described at the administrators of the Never, are the Liberi, the police, or warriors, who battle anyone who tries to disrupt the balance.

They seek out and destroy the followers of the Darkness, whose relentless attempts to return their god threaten reality, while at the same time seek the one being prophesied to defeat the Darkness once and for all.

Also my Chaos Wars series, which tells the story of the aftermath of the original Chaos War.