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Monday, 16 February 2015

A wonderful read

As you know, I'm a very private dragon. I'm happy enough living inside Colin's head. But I've just read something that makes me want to sweep out my wings and fly.

The Soldier's Secret is a lovely story about love and hardship in mid 1800's America. You know, around the time of that little fight they had.

At it's heart it's a historical fiction tale, but Heather has done a lot of research. Successfully, I might add; remember, I was there. Yes, she has used artistic license; I did offer to advise her, but she wasn't interested in the same things a dragon might be.

The picture she paints of the times is quite remarkable, considering she didn't ask me to help. The scenes of the fighting and tactics are especially good.

I must say I did really enjoy this. I like a nice love story, and sometimes you humans can be so cute. I like Heather as well, but I'm not playing favourites here. The book is very, very good. I did shed a tear when 'ol...well, I won't spoil it for you.

I must go now. Apparently there are some roads that need clearing in the Kentucky area. They're paying me in Fireball whiskey and mint sauce. I may just pay a visit to the Appalachian mountains too. I miss them, and Heather describes them so well.

What's that little song I made up a couple of hundred years ago? Something about blue ridges and Virginia. Ah, it'll come back to me when I find that pine tree. It's lonesome because I burped when on a night out with a few native Americans who thought I was their god.

Those were the days :)