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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Is it summertime yet? Dragons don't like the cold, you know.

Really? I mean, really.

I was in the most delightful slumber, counting sheep as they hopped into a huge vat of mint sauce.
You see, I had Colin convinced that dragons needed to hibernate, but now someone's gone and got him all shook up. I have't felt such a commotion since the last time he had an idea, and it's been very quiet lately in that department.

But I must say, I do agree with his latest one. I say his, but it was really a friend of ours from New Zealand who prompted the destruction of my finest china...again. Kate, we really do need to set up some sort of warning system for when you give Colin the inspiration for these mad scheme's of his. There is only so much of the Ming Dynasty collection left, you know.

So here we go.

Colin's latest idea is to rewrite Souls of the Never, but instead of setting the beginning, and so the main characters, to be from Boston, USA, he intends to move them to his own island of Ireland.

I must say I like this idea, not least so he can start writing the Queen's own English, not the silly words that those uncouth Americans write...I mean, there is a metal called aluminium. I know, I melt it down to polish my scales. But it is ALUMINIUM...not ALOOMINUM. I despair. Even as I dictate this, the spell checker puts a red line under the American pronunciation.

I applaud your(Kates) idea, Colin. Now hurry up and get it done. You only have a month and a half until the release of Worlds of the Never.
Worlds of the Never.

As for me, I think the best advice I can give you all is to read Origins of the Never. It is free, after all, and gives a wonderful insight into the history of the world Colin has created(I'll give him this much, he has done a great job here)
Origins of the Never