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Monday, 29 June 2015

Let's face it, Dragons are HOT, baby, yeah!

When someone writes a series with dragons in it, even if they aren't readily apparent in book one, he really should stick to the genre.
Colin had a perfectly good strategy. A free short prequel.

Followed by the first book in the Tales of the Neverwar. Now this is where I have to step in. Colin had the foolish idea of changing it all around, changing the cover and categories to attract the female humans. 

Now, I have no issue with the new cover. It's very well done, but does it say 'Dragons?' No, it doesn't. So, I'm grateful he's seen the light, and has agreed to put the old cover back. 

And let's face it...Dragons are HOT, baby, yeah!
And if you don't believe me, read book two in the series. 
The dragons are back, along with a few other races. Witness the death of a civilization, and the birth of a new era.
Did I mention dragons are HOT?