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Friday, 10 July 2015

The upcoming next installment in Tales of the Neverwar.

Here you are, humans. Due to popular(excuse me while I choke) demand, Colin has allowed me to preview this latest attempt at a cover and blurb for book three in the Tales of the Neverwar.

Now, normally I'd cringe at the though of him publishing another book. I've only just got the inside of his head back in order after the last release; but living inside his head has allowed me access to some of the ideas swirling around there. I of course, have given my own meager input, advising him that he needed more dragons. 

On this occasion, I'm happy to confirm he listened to me, and the last third of the book will feature my kind prominently. I'm trying to bag a cameo role. So far Colin isn't biting. I may just bite him.

Anyway, here you go. Enjoy, squishies.

The end of the end is near! Tenybris is free from his prison, and his hunt for the dragon eggs begins.  In the Glade, Gwenyth, the only human in the Lands, stands no chance against the power of the Darkness. With the fall of the Veil, the magic escapes to flood the universe, and the first stop is Earth. What can Katheryne and the others do to save her world and the rest of reality? How can the planet Sanctuary face the hunger of Tenybris? How will Gwyneth save the race she has come to love?