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Sunday, 19 July 2015

The beauty of being an Indie Author.

Book updates, covers, blurbs etc

Let's say your book has been out for a while. Let's also say it's not selling as well as you'd hoped. 

Now, if you had gone down the traditional route, odds are you have a professional cover, but it's possibly not one you had any say in, and may not, in your opinion, be selling your book to the audience you intended.

Now I come to the subject matter. Independent, or Indie authors, have complete control over their work, so if the cover or blurb aren't working, it's a simple matter for them to change it. Well, maybe not simple, in that a new cover and blurb takes a lot of work. 

I know, because I've just gone through the whole process. Book two in my Tales of the Neverwar series has been out for a month or so. Sales have been okay, but I know myself the cover I made wasn't great, and wasn't 100% indicative of the genre and story. So, I sat down, talked to a few friends who have read it, and came up with a few ideas.

What we came up with is this image, which is now up on Kindle. It captures the genre and the plot perfectly. 

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