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Friday, 10 November 2017

Well, it's been over a week since the release of Treaters, and it's been an odd sort of week.

After the hype of the lead up to the launch, it's all gone incredibly quiet. It's almost as if one of the kids has left for college, sort of empty, you know?

I know the audio version of Treaters is in the works, but I find myself wondering what to do next...then I chuckle inwardly. It's not as if I haven't got enough on my plate.

Besides real life - you know that thing where you leave the house, do stuff, and come back and your kids take all your money? - I've got book stuff to do.
There's books two of the Treaters series which I haven't started yet. Then there's book one of my space opera, which I've barely began. Hmm...I sense a pattern developing here ;)
Now for some good news...yeah, right :P

Companion of Darkness was almost done at 70k words, until those nasty, wilful characters decided otherwise. Perhaps another 25k words will shut them up, but you know characters ;)

But the most exciting news is something I just decided to embark on.
Not many of you know that I wrote a short prequel to the Tales of the Neverwar called Lost in Times.

 It tells of the time when Derren and his twin, Krista, travel back in time to Nazi Poland, and end up in Auschwitz. I haven't plugged it too much as frankly, I'm not 100% happy with it.
Hopefully that's about to change. I've pulled it down from Amazon for a rewrite. No, it won't be a full novel rewrite like Treaters, but I plan to go into the history of Derren and his band of misfits before they meet Katheryne and Perri in book one of the Tales of the Neverwar. I haven't decided how far back into their history to go yet, but I hope to include Toshi and Laren, and a few others who had walk-on parts in TOTN.
Hopefully you'll like it :)