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Friday, 13 March 2015

Battening down the hatches

Hello humans, especially you females.

I would dearly love to stay and entertain your fantasies about how we might...enjoy, each other's company. Unfortunately I have some pressing business.

I need to move out of Colin's head.

Don't panic! It's a temporary measure, just until he realises that his latest attempt to take the book world by storm is destined to failure.

He has another silly little book coming out at the end of March. Ok, Worlds of the Never looks good on paper(pardon the pun), and has dragons and magic re entering this mundane universe of yours, but are there any Welsh Greens? No, there aren't! He satisfies the masses needs, by writing about the pompous Golds and Silvers.

So, I have to vacate for a few weeks, taking my fine Ming dynasty china with me. Otherwise his swelling head will destroy the lot. I hope you enjoy it. I know I won't. Although New Zealand is lovely this time of year.

I wonder if Peter Jackson is still there? I need to talk to him about his portrayal of dragon behaviour. You humans get it so wrong sometimes