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Monday, 23 March 2015

A long overdue introduction

Greetings Humans,

It's been drawn to my attention that none of you know who I actually am. I'd like to correct that.

My name is Claude, and I'm a dragon. Granted, I'm a purely imaginary dragon who, for the time being at least, lives in Colin's head.

Now, being an imaginary dragon is a lot different from being a real dragon. Real dragons, well, they can be a bit dangerous. I know, I've featured in several epic novels where the authors have made me do some quite terrible things. And the motion pictures...urgh..enough to scare the children I love so much.

Fortunately, I've been portrayed in a much better light in in several other books. A certain American-Irish author, who shall remain nameless, did a wonderful job in her books.

Now, however, I seem to have found a nice comfortable head to rest in for a while. Colin writes books, and yes, I have been critical of them, if you read further down. The thing is, I like his head. His dragons are noble creatures, like myself, and being inside his head as I am, I can see what's coming. I may be here for a while.His ideas are...interesting.

Yes, I've complained about his head swelling when people buy his books, but it doesn't really get too big. Colin knows he's only just started on his journey, so he has his moment, and then my fine china tea cups are safe for another day.

I suppose what I'm saying is that I will be around for a while, posting gibberish about things that may or may not interest you humans at all. I will, however, attempt to include subjects to entertain you.

I will warn you, my sense of humour is not for all, so please read the notice below.