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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Please stop!

Ok, here's how it goes.

I'm a dragon. I'm big, scary and breathe fire, even though it gives me heartburn.

I will ask you lot once, then I'm gonna come round, and never mind the big, bad wolf... I WILL burn your house down.

STOP buying Colin's books! I'm not even halfway through packing. I know all about his release next month. I thought I had time, but now you're all buying...oh, sorry, apparently the correct term is 'downloading,' his free prequel.

Here's the rub. I like the book. It has dragons! It even has Greens, though, as it's set thousands of years ago, I doubt they're Welsh.

Apparently it's also free, whatever that means. I normally just take what I want. Being a dragon, I can do that, but you squishies can't, obviously.

But please, give me a chance to pack. My portraits of Atlantean architecture won't even hang straight. Don't swell his head any more, I beg you.

Take pity on me, and I won't turn your houses to ash...deal?