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Monday, 29 December 2014

Dragon vs Iron Man

It's that time of year where you see the most curious sights while flying from one continent to another.

Only last night I received a call from my close friend who shall remain nameless, though his initials may or may not be R.D.J. He'd got into a spot of bother while going supersonic above Cuba on the way to his secret island hideout in the Caribbean.

I hear you all scoff, but ask yourself this. If an imaginary dragon(me), can write a blog, then surely a multi-millionaire playboy can have his own imaginary Iron Man suit.

But I digress. Mr. Junior, as I call him, had crash landed in the sea after being shot down for waking up Mr Castro with his sonic boom. The old guy needs his sleep so was obviously a little peeved, hence the attack. Normally Mr. Junior would have been able to activate some imaginary countermeasure on his imaginary suit, but unfortunately he was well over the drink/fly limit. In fact, before he'd been shot down he was well over the drink/crash limit.

So It was up to your truly to fish him out of the shark infested waters, though I fail to see why he was so worried. None of them had a can opener.

But all in now well. Mr. Junior is well on his way to decorating his island base for his New Years Eve party, although how his guests will ever find his SECRET hideaway I'll never know.

I don't know, sometimes you humans can be so 'weird'.