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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Time for a snack, I think

So what's everyone's favourite drunk snack? I'm currently sitting with a bottle of Fireball whisky which an Australian friend recommended.

I have to get it via mail order as I'm banned from overflying the land mass of the continent during the summer months. Something about bush fires...Hmph, as is a dragon would ever be careless with their flame. I can imagine a couple of  pen pushing Australian bureaucrats roasting on a spit as soon as the weather turns :)

My guilty pleasure is New Zealand lamb chops, burnt to a crisp over a slow flame. It can be tricky, and most dragons haven't mastered the art of slow burning, preferring to blast cook their food. I have to admit in my younger days I did the same.

But now I've settled in a human's brain I've come to appreciate the pleasure that patience can provide.

And they go together with my mint glaze recipe perfectly.